Send a Case

Send a Case

How To Send a Case

Case Packing & Sending

Proper care in packing your case for shipping plays an important role in the quality of the case and service that we can provide. Broken models can result in ill-fitting prosthetics which can require a new impression and become an inconvenience to both you and your patients.

Please start by:

  1. Disinfecting all the case materials.
  2. After the case materials have dried, wrap each of the models individually with a protective material, either bubble wrap or foam padding. Secure with additional protective material, if necessary.
  3. Place in a bag and seal.
  4. Additional packing materials should be added to fill the box to avoid movement within the box which could result in possible breakage during shipping.

When shipping an articulator and face-bow:

  1. Start by removing the models from the articulator and wrapping each of them individually. If the models must remain on the articulator, then please separate the articulator.
  2. Each piece should then be wrapped individually and anchored in the box.
  3. Please keep in mind that the face-bow and other enclosures should also be wrapped separately.

When shipping loose crowns, bridges, and/or shade tabs:

  1. Wrap separately in a small container or sealed plastic bag to avoid loss or breakage.
  2. Any photos or slides that accompany the case should be placed in a separate plastic bag.
  3. To save on shipping costs and promote sustainability, we recommend packing multiple cases in one box, if possible.

Our shipper of choice is UPS.

If you need a pick-up, all you need to do is call UPS to request one. We also accept shipments from USPS and FedEx.

Please ship your case(s) to our physical address:

Royal Dental Labs, Inc.
597-599 Industrial Drive
Carmel, IN 46032