Sending Cases to Us

Case Packing & Sending

Proper care in packing your case for shipping plays a significant role in the quality of the case and service we can provide. Broken models can result in ill-fitting prosthetics which means a new impression and an inconvenience to you and your patient.

Follow these steps when sending your cases to the laboratory to ensure a safe delivery:

Doctor Preference Profile

Each clinician we serve is unique and has his/her own ideas of what best suits their needs. Choices such as broad or pinpoint interproximal contacts directly impact the successful seating of the prescribed restorations. As such, we request you fill out the Doctor Preference Profile so we can customize each restoration to the preferences which you desire. Our software allows us to retain your individual preferences and access them throughout the fabrication of each restoration.

We kindly request you to print and fill out the doctor preference profile so we can customize each restoration according to your preference of you design.

How do I track my case?

Checking the status of your case has never been easier! There are three ways to track your case:

- or -

- or -

Prescription Form & UPS Shipping Label

Click above to print our Rx label and prepaid UPS label. Use the printable versions temporarily until you receive these materials in your starter kit (if you're a new customer), or if you're an existing customer and have run out.

Please call for UPS Pre-paid shipping label, we will either email or fax it to you right away.


In order to better serve you, please provide us with your email address. Once it has been provided to us, we will start sending notification when cases are shipped to you. The email notification will be sent via when the case(s) have left our laboratory and will include the names of patients whose cases are enclosed in the shipment, the estimated delivery date, and the tracking number.

Please either call us with the email address which we should use or fill out the section below and return this page to us. We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing our relationship far into the future.


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